OAL Chartered Members


Our History

Early in 1984, brothers of Alpha most of whom had recently moved into the Fredericksburg area began to meet regularly [Brothers George Miller, Russell Waller, Chavis Reid, Eric Henderson, Sansberry Harvey, Timothy Smith, and Sidney Hankerson should credited for initiating these meetings]. 

 At first, these meetings were informal--primarily opportunities to share in the Brotherhood that is Alpha.  But, as the number of brothers involved grew, so did the desire to form a local chapter.  On 24 May 1984 (at the home of Brother Sansberry Harvey), Brother Russell Waller moved (with a second from Brother Timothy Smith) that a formal interest group be formed for the purpose of establishing an Alumni chapter. This motion passed. 

One month later, on 28 June 1984, at a meeting held at the home of Brother Sidney Hankerson, The Rappahannock Areas Brothers of Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Inc.was born when the interest group voted (with motion from Brother Hankerson and second from Brother Reid) to select this as its name. 

Founding of Omicron Alpha Lambda 

From June through September, the Brothers continued to meet and prepare for chapter establishment. On 25 October 1984, the Brothers officially partitioned the General Organization for the establishment of an alumni chapter in Fredericksburg.  The names of sixteen (16) brothers were included in the partition.  They were: 

  1. Dexter Campbell
  2. James Hill
  3. George Miller 
  4. Willie Conyers
  5. Vernon Keeve, Jr.
  6. Chavis Reid
  7. Lawrence Davies
  8. Stanley O. Jones
  9. Timothy Smith 
  10. Sidney Hankerson, Jr
  11. Lee Roy Lewis, Jr.
  12. Emory Turner 
  13. Sansberry Harvey
  14. Michael Morgan
  15. Dwain Watts 
  16. Roy McLemore, Jr. 

The charter was granted on the 13th April 1985 at a service held at Shiloh Old Site Baptist Church.  That same evening our first Scholarship Banquet/Ball was held at the Johnny Appleseed Restaurant, route 17 North, Fredericksburg, Va.