Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Inc.

Omicron Alpha Lambda Chapter, Fredericksburg, Va.


612th House of Alpha, Founded: April 13, 1985 

Chapter Officers

2015 - 2017


The elected offices of The Chapter shall be: President, Vice-President, Recording Secretary,Corresponding Secretary, Financial Secretary,Treasurer, Parliamentarian,Sergeant at Arms, Chaplin, Director of Education and Scholarship, and Historian and Associate Editor toThe Sphinx.



Bro. Sam Bagwell

Vice President                                                                                                            


Bro. Herman Johnson

Financial Secretary                                                                                                        


Bro. Pernell Jordan



Bro. Anton Stubbs


Bro. Charles Tapp

Sergeant at Arms                                                                                                          


Bro. Nigel McKenzie

Historian and Associate Editor to the Sphinx                                                            


Bro. Elijah Brown

Intake Coordinator

Director of Education and Scholarship



Bro. William Richardson

Immediate Past President


Bro. Tim Brown